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Investments in real estate can be lucrative, but also can give rise to a number of legal disputes. After nearly 40 years as a Bristol real property lawyer, I have gained unparalleled experience in real estate law.

I provide skillful representation to individuals and businesses throughout Southwest Virginia and Upper East Tennessee in cases of:

  • Partition suits provide a remedy for property division disputes through which owners ask the court to determine fair division of commonly-owned property. These often happen between siblings following the death of a parent or between a husband and wife following a divorce.
  • Boundary line disputes can arise between adjoining land owners in both urban and rural areas due to disputed land surveys, errors or vagueness in property descriptions or defects in the prior chain of deeds. This is often remedied by asking the court to make the final decision either with or without the presence of a jury.
  • Right of way disputes require detailed deed research and litigation in order to be resolved. In these cases a grant, prescription or legal necessity may permit a land owner to use another owner’s property to access his or her own property, but there may be a conflict about the existence, location or permissible use of right of way.
  • Title insurance protects land owners or lenders from unknown claims against the ownership of real estate. Issues can arise as to the extent of coverage or how to make and prosecute claims.
  • Land use is regulated by federal, state and local governments through zoning, subdivisions, environmental laws and other methods of regulation. Securing the right to use land productively often requires experienced legal representation.
  • Landlord-tenant disputes arise from vagueness or conflict over the meaning and enforcement of lease obligations. The best remedy for this is to have secure leases drafted and set forth before entering into commercial or residential lease agreements.
  • Real estate bankruptcy issues that arise due to a property owner filing for bankruptcy can cause difficulty for trustees. Trustee claims to real estate may need defense as the property is transferred or foreclosed upon.
  • Title examination and closing services can be necessary in determining whether a good real estate title can be conveyed. Legal representation in title and closing services to commercial properties can help trace the origin of property and determine if the property has been conveyed to other person or if liens or defects exist.
  • Expert Witness and Commissioner in Chancery Services Available in Real Estate Cases.

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Send an e-mail or call my office at 276-466-5522 to schedule a free initial consultation. During this meeting we will discuss the details of your case and your goals so that you can swiftly take action in whatever legal matter you are facing. As a Bristol-based attorney, I handle cases in the Tri-City area, Southwest Virginia and East Tennessee.

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